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World of Warcraft 7:The basic point of attention challenge Azshara’s eyes


World of Warcraft 7.0: challenge Azshara’s eye point of attention. In Azshara mobs attack and kill unlike other FB requirements that the harsh
Azshara small strange kill and unlike other FB requirements that harsh, no absolute best, do not deliberately to remember details of all kill, only need to remember about total line
Our order is: kill the snake female Naga warlord the wrath of the giant Azshara

This hit the kill order reason only because the arrangement of time (heroism / bloodlust), we hit to kill order on the, 1, 3, 5 is (heroism / bloodlust) kill, and snakes and giant is not the reason detailed on the boss

Monomer provided two yellow young strange, snails and sea snails are read line of attack will give positive players a debuff, an increase of 100% easily hurt and the seagull is instantaneous sent to target confusion 4 seconds (loses aggro) so when the add to a snail, please avoid the positive spit or interrupted, and the add to gull to priority to kill to avoid losing hatred leads to attrition in addition, in snakes and giant boss field there is a seagull, if there is a fire team, please note that it is easy to add, as the case ahead of time to clean off
In the door:
Due to kill a lot of small strange. So, we try to put the mobs hit to kill time on Heroic / bloodlust) debuff time, so in at the door, we choose as little as possible strike killing mobs (Waring a door position of small strange after, we have to strike which killed a small part) on the left after the door, a region if the control is a controllable only, did not control, shot two, then hit kill zone B grunt and two law strange
Snake boss before:
Finished overseers (heroism / bloodlust), on the way towards the direction of snake, there are four grudges arcane division, each 5% cleared away, the fish will influence DPS to interrupt the water column is ground effect, is also very high damage, avoid or it is convenient also interrupted, this CD affix is violent, after raging arcanist injury is very high, it’s best to interrupt her arcane ejection
After clearing the arcanist, then clean up the red circle area of small strange, until kill boss will not add, and then began to kill boss red circle of small strange there will be among the many groups of small crabs (non elite) blame, to tank hanging slowdown accompanied by physical damage dot would, if there is no way to lift restrictions on the movement can let early treatment to lead the next wave of strange to enhance efficiency,Snake boss after the kick back (heroism / bloodlust) debuff should end soon or has come to an end, if there is no ending can choose small blame the progress bar to 72%, and then come back and kill female Naga boss and her in front of a small wave of water hammer
Giant boss before:
Kill finish female Naga returned to snake boss here through the cave here, roller coaster hole before checking on the progress, it is best to 75%, on both sides of the cave entrance the a giant be careful not to add, and then into the wave of goblins and wave murlocs (Murloc will run back and forth), clean out 10%, export (export figure red ring position) next to have wave Murloc clean out 5% here Fishman will to debuff on the tank, layer 1 bite 10% easily hurt, the goblins could have a lot of poisoning of the dot. But a group can be taken away.

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7.0 version on the eve of the professional hell fire fortress set of professional jewelry changes summary


2 sets of tanks: 5%

improve the probability Zhici produced the mysterious cattle beads on the wind: you kick to the 2 layer buff The red sun rises in sky., this buff gives you a skill is proficient in addition increased by 10%and 9.1 the same milk:

4 piece: tanks: whenever you eat a healing pearl, you the Chinese wine wine, blood reduced by5 seconds remaining CD on the wind: Thunder break provides 3 layer 2 piece effect, your energy limit of 20: the same fabric fog and formal clothes, but the soul of the town lead into the vivify is what skills? (visual operation or promoting blood circulation is essence of spring)

occupation decoration product: Tank: whenever your life value fell below 43%

you can get a layer of Chinese wine, the wine can make you improve all the damage caused by the 43% DPS: the same and formal clothing. The same clothes and formal treatment:


2 pieces: pain:Vampire / soul cause damage probability of 10%make you a impermanence does not consume demon

fragments: shadowbolt increase 2% damage to demons, lasts 15 sec, stacking up to 10 times the destruction: and formal wear the same set of 4: pain: affliction damage have 10% probability can give you 10% more damage, continuous 5 seconds destruction: and formal wear the same embers into soul shard demon: Wild Imp’s Firebolt has 8% probability summon a demon (that is, formal wear a set of 4 demon warlock professional jewelry mechanism does not change, so does not introduce the


2: enhancement: and formal dress the same, maelstrom weapon trigger shock element: earthquake of 45% probability does not consume swirl value milk:

and formal wear the same 4: enhancement: fighting the flames will increase 10% damage to natural elements:

each release 10 times lightning bolt, chain lightning, rapid increase of 20%, lasts for 15 seconds, every 3 seconds attenuation a milk: and formal dress the same professional jewelry, not too big change


2 pieces: blood: blood strike has a 25% chance to receive an additional 10 ice energy: not changed (but hit the ice does not eat the killing, so. The trigger rate has dropped a lot of) evil: simple and crude, improve the pet 20% damage a set of 4: blood:

the spirit energy consumption is reduced ice 5: didn’t become evil: has not changed, but due to the dark mutation is now 60 seconds fixed CD, so the cover rate decreased many professional

accessories: ice DK annihilation position increased dramatically, don’t professional jewelry to come in handy the?

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