The best way to Get a Cost-free Pig in the Elder Scrolls Online


As part of a month-long occasion named Suns Dawn, ZeniMax Online Studios is giving players the likelihood to claim a free pet in the Elder Scrolls: Online; the Pink Pearl Pig. This special pig is uncommon in that it is going to only be offered as a part of this specific promotion. It will not ever turn into readily available inside the Crown Retailer in the future.

The Pink Pearl Pig: The best way to Get This No cost Pet within the Elder Scrolls Online

“Gift anything specific for your fellow adventurers in February and you’ll get an exclusive pet!” announces ZeniMax Online Studios, prior to going on to say about the pig; “The Pink Pearl Pig does not want meals, she desires adore.”

If you’d like to acquire a Pink Pearl Pig of one’s own, you need to take part in the Suns Dawn occasion, which started a number of days ago on the 1st of February. The event will end on the 1st of March at 7:00 AM GMT. To have the pig, you have to present Crown Store items to at least two various individual accounts, having a total worth of no less than 1,000 Crowns. Note that that is tracked by region and platform, so make sure to send your gifts to accounts which can be inside the exact same region and around the identical platform. Do this, and you ought to receive your Pink Pearl Pig when the promotion ends by the 13th of March.

Note that to present a Crown Retailer item to a friend in the Elder Scrolls: Online, you’ll want to select a particular choice ahead of buying the items within the Crown Store. After you come across the appropriate item, opt for the “Purchase as Gift” selection. After that, you’ll have to have to place in their UserID, PSN ID, or Gamertag; whichever is suitable for their platform of decision. Presently, a wide selection of things may be gifted in the Crown Shop, with all the exception of player homes.