The Elder Scrolls ol next to join the game big bucks to buy luxury housing system



As early as in earlier this month, the Elder Scrolls ol “brothers of darkness” DLC had already landed PC, host version is also on the line before, do not know everyone on the new content to evaluate how? And in a recent E3, game director Matt Firor in an interview said. < the Elder Scrolls ol> in the future will join underground city, customized services and housing system, the contents of these three aspects. Among them, players are very much looking forward to the housing system will in the first quarter of 2017 launch.

As early as the beginning of this year, developers zenimax ol have vague said housing system will be on during the year added. Now Firor said housing system will become part of the Elder Scrolls ol a series of updates planned. At the same time these updates will to multiple, small DLC packages in the form of a push, that cater to the intermittent back into the game and the old players.Firor even to “chapters” describe the updated form.

“When we cancel fee system, we found because there is no need to immediately all over the pressure, the Elder Scrolls ol very many players spend two to three weeks play through a region on the suspension of the game and then after two months back again to return to the game to continue to explore other areas. So we DLC package is to meet such a player. Miniaturization, each providing a small story and extension tasks.”

Firor also confirmed that the Argonian underground city package and personalized custom barber shop will be pushed in August.

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