The Elder Scrolls Online Director Discusses the Nintendo Switch


It seems just like the popular question for each game now is “but is it coming towards the Nintendo Switch?” and honestly, we never blame everyone for their interest. The powerhouse hybrid console is remarkable, however it does have its limits. It is simply because of those limits that the Director of the Elder Scrolls Online has put to bed the rumors of ESO coming to the Nintendo Switch to bed for great.

Game Director Matt Firor sat down with our sister web-site over at GameSpot during PAX Australia to speak a little bit in regards to the game and what the future holds. Even though it had a slow reception at launch, following the Morrowind expansion the game grew its reputation numbers. Those numbers might be even higher if it made its solution to the portable platform, but it is just as well large as outlined by Firor.

“We have thought about Switch but ESO is an enormous game, and it just is not going to perform,” Firor told the web site. “I would appreciate for it to because I appreciate Switch. It can be one of several biggest games ever created, and it just won’t fit on Switch.”

With a game file size at 75GB give or take, that is definitely a whopper. Pair that together with the dependent on the internet dependancy along with the huge server size, and it’s just a match that’s not realistic regardless of how a lot we might want it.

Although larger games have produced their way onto the Nintendo Switch in the past, they did not call for as much support. Yes Skyrim appears astounding, but it does not residence an enormous server for a huge number of players to roam about freely. Possibly in the future, but as of right now – I wouldn’t hold my breath for an Elder Scrolls Online Nintendo Switch port announcement any time soon.

What other games would you prefer to see make their way onto the Nintendo Switch platform? Any favorite that you’d prefer to see make the transportable jump? Join in around the conversation inside the comment section under and inform us your hopes and dreams for the future on the hybrid console in the Big N.