The Elder Scrolls Online Dragon Bones DLC Now Out for Consoles


The Dragon Bones DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online is now obtainable for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players alongside Update 17.

Detailed back in January and previously accessible for PC and Mac players, the new DLC is readily available free of charge for ESO Plus members while everyone else may have to purchase the expansion via the in-game Crown Retailer for 1500 Crowns. Update 17, however, is going to be absolutely free for everyone.

The DLC adds two new four-player dungeons towards the base game, both of which are packed with gear, collectibles, and enemies. These dungeons are named Scalecaller Peak and Fang Lair with each dungeons able to be completed on either a Normal, Veteran, or Veteran Tough Mode with diverse rewards based on which dungeon players are in. No other DLCs are required to play via the Dragon Bones content material.

As for the free update referred to as Update 17, this patch adds a new outfit system, more house storage solutions, and other improvements that happen to be detailed under as well as by way of the Elder Scrolls Online web-site.

Outfit Program

“Be who you need to be with the new Outfit System! Now, you’ll be able to totally customize practically just about every aspect of the look with one of a kind Outfits, no matter the gear you might be wearing. You will have one particular absolutely free Outfit that you can customize at a price of Gold, but need to you want, it is possible to obtain additional Outfits and Outfit Adjust Tokens (allowing you to save gold) from the in-game Crown Retailer. To start customizing your Outfit, find a new Outfit Station (previously generally known as Dye Stations).”

Home Storage

“With Update 17, we’re also introducing a brand new property furnishings type: storage containers. With storage containers, you’ll be able to lastly shop bankable items within your own residences, freeing up space from your bank, inventory, or craft bag. You are able to earn the very first of those by leveling a character to level 18 and getting it as a level-up reward, but you will find seven additional containers you may obtain from in-game vendors and also the Crown Store.”

New Level-Up Practical experience

“In order to assist players far better realize the game and ways to develop their characters, we’ve introduced a brand new level-up knowledge. Now, once you level up inside the Elder Scrolls Online, you’ll get one of a kind rewards and valuable gameplay ideas to assist you on your adventures. Furthermore to this, we’ve made a new Expertise Advisor tool that you could use to assist choose your character’s expertise and skills depending on a desired archetype.”

Combat Improvements

“In addition towards the new functions above, we’ve made some dramatic modifications to ESO’s combat technique. These adjustments incorporate improvements to Synergies, the removal of area-of-effect caps, alterations to block charges, alterations to cast-time skills and interrupts, and adjustments to how Heavy Attacks along with the Off Balance mechanic function.”

The Dragon Bones DLC and Update 17 are now offered for console owners.