The Elder Scrolls Online Free Play weekend has kicked off for Xbox Live Gold members


Beginning these days by way of November 5, Xbox Live Gold players on Xbox One can attempt The Elder Scrolls Online for free.

The latest Cost-free Play weekend for Xbox Live Gold users is live along with the game is the Elder Scrolls Online.

Those that generate a new ESO accounts for the trial is going to be gifted with 500 Crowns for use in the in-game Crown Retailer. Here, they will choose up potions, XP Scrolls, food, or maybe a pet.

Really should users have attempted ESO through previous free-play events, they are going to discover preceding characters and progression will stay.

The Elder Scrolls Online game client will be around 80GB in size, so customers will should be certain there is adequate space around the really hard drive for the download.

As well as the cost-free weekend, players are encouraged to buy eso gold sign up for the 10 Million Stories Sweepstakes. Tons of in-game and physical prizes are going to be handed out, and also the grand prize winner might be sent to PAX East 2018. The winner along with a buddy will probably be flown to the show and put up in a hotel at the studio’s expense.

They may also be given just about every in-game collectible for sale in the Crown Retailer through December 6, and an in-game character will probably be designed of your winner. Just click the respective hyperlink above for much more facts around the Elder Scrolls Online no cost weekend and directions on ways to sign-up for the contest.

Mac, PC and PlayStation 4 players will get ESO Power Leveling their opportunity inside the coming weeks. Preserve an eye on the Free Play web page for future announcements.