‘The Elder Scrolls Online’ Rumors 2017: ‘Morrowind’s’ Vvardenfell May perhaps Quickly Be Added For the Game


Exciting additions could be coming to “The Elder Scrolls Online” this year with one already confirmed and an additional achievable new feature lately uncovered by a fan going by means of the game’s files.

Starting off with all the nevertheless unconfirmed addition, a couple of days ago, Redditor “FloorBelow” posted an image containing an region map of a place that could possibly be extremely familiar to long-time fans in the “Elder Scrolls” series.

The map in question appears to be displaying Vvardenfell, an huge island that was prominently featured in “The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.”

Lots of on the eso gold original Vvardenfell’s familiar settings are seemingly situated at the same time inside the not too long ago discovered map, including that gigantic Red Mountain.

For all those “Elder Scrolls” fans who may not absolutely keep in mind what the original Vvardenfell map looked like as it appeared in “Morrowind,” they are able to go ahead and verify out the Wiki entry for it and quickly notice how it does certainly bear a striking resemblance to the new place unearthed by “FloorBelow.”

The new discovery is having “Elder Scrolls Online” players really excited, though it really is unlikely that an addition that could be as major as Vvardenfell will likely be introduced anytime quickly, particularly considering the fact that there’s a distinctive huge update already coming for the game.

As developers lately noted inside a post on the game’s official web page, the “Homestead” update is already slated to become released for the Computer, PS4 and Xbox 1 ports of your MMORPG next month, and that may be most likely taking up all of their attention correct now.

Developers have yet to reveal what else will be added soon after “Homestead,” nevertheless, even though director Matt Firor did previously hint that “amazing new things” are coming this year.

Possibly among these “amazing new things” is Vvardenfell.

Additional facts in regards to buy eso gold the distinct additions coming to “The Elder Scrolls Online” this year need to be created accessible quickly.