The Elder Scrolls Online Summerset – An ideal Dwelling


In terms of generating their perfect household, the Higher Elves are devoid of peers.

“In what ever pursuit or profession a Higher Elf dedicates their life to, they aspire to accomplish the ideal that they possibly can,” says Lawrence. “They’re woeful perfectionists.”

Higher Elf society strives to make and keep a planet that they think mimics their ancient residence and divine ancestry. This ethos is carried into all of their works, regardless of whether connected to their professions, interests, or individual lives. It could even be found inside the way they govern and interact with the other mortal races of Tamriel.

“The High Elves are a traditionally proud and domineering folks,” says Carr. “And their feelings of superiority are reflected inside the tall buildings and spires of their huge cities. Summerset Isle itself is really a sculpted landscape, a controlled wilderness.”

When exploring Summerset, you’ll see this aspect of their culture inside the shimmering white towers and completely manicured gardens of their cities. Even when venturing into the wilds you will uncover an untamed natural beauty unmatched anyplace in Tamriel.

This beauty could be seen within the vibrant flora that covers Summerset’s wilderness and also the colorful coral formations that circle its coasts. As you wander and explore, you will come across your self surrounded by the warm, living colors of the Higher Elf homeland.

“In addition to far more vivid greens, the colors from the flora have been weighted towards crimson, purple and pink, comparable to Japanese maples and cherry blossoms,” explains Carr.

Life around the island on Summerset is vibrant and untamed, but it is also pristine – not necessarily manicured like the High Elves’ cities, but immaculate and ethereal.