The Elder Scrolls Online Summerset Video Facts the Land of High Elves, Altmer


The Elder Scrolls Online is definitely an (you guessed it) on the web expertise for players to once once more dive back into the planet of Tamriel. Set 1000 years before the events in Skyrim, it is a new approach to take on quests and turn out to be the hero.

ESO’s final expansion brought players back to Morrowind and was met with an extremely optimistic reception. Now it’s time to move towards the land of High Elves with all the subsequent DLC: Summerset. Within the video above, we get a considerably closer appear in the land of your Higher Elves, Altmer, when learning much more in regards to the wealthy lore and what we have to appear forward to within the MMORPG.

As 1 would expect given this race, it was a land of beauty and grace, but that does not mean it’s all a smooth ride. Bethesda has just offered us a huge look inside what is to come, such as gorgous landscapes and intricate histories.


Summerset Isle can be a land like no other in Tamriel, and its beauty and history are reflected in the lives with the High Elves who reside there. Watch our new trailer then dive into this feature article to understand about these proud and ancient folks along with the island they contact dwelling,” tells Bethesda as we journey in to the land of High Elves.

In ancient myth, when the first Elves came to Tamriel, they colonized the Summerset archipelago, which includes the islands of Artaeum, Auridon, along with the largest on the three, Summerset.

It is no secret that the High Elves believe they are the descendants in the Aedra, the ancient mythical “gods” who designed Nirn. They hold that their individuals, by virtue of their Ancient Elf heritage, are closer towards the old spirits than any other mortal race. It truly is this belief that – fairly or not – has led to a reputation that labels the High Elves as pretentious and arrogant, but it also clearly informs their each day life and culture. The result is really a land constructed in reverence for an ancient and mythical past.

If you arrive in Summerset, you’ll start to learn exactly how the proud history in the Higher Elves is reflected in pretty much each aspect of their lives.