The Elder Scrolls Online: Zone Guide


When Update 21 releases, all players will uncover a lot of incredibly cool QoL improvements which might be no cleaner than the new Zone Guide. When players enter a new zone, or even a previously-visited zone, they’ll be provided quite a bit of data to “help players that need to complete a zone or these that feel lost and wish to find a thing to do”.

Players can verify out information regarding the followings:

Featured Achievements
Zone Story Quests completed
Wayshrines unlocked
Delves completed
Points of Interest visited
Striking Locales visited
Set Crafting Stations visited
Mundus Stones visited
Public Dungeons completed
Dolmens / Abyssal Geysers completed
World Bosses defeated
Skyshards unlocked
Lorebooks unlocked

The Zone Guide also instructs the players to select the first big story quest giver, or if they are in search of a thing to do, will guide the veterans who may perhaps have completed the quests towards the subsequent feature on the list.

As well as the Zone Guide, players may also come across a reorganized Guild Trader UI to”dramatically adjust how you find and acquire items”. As outlined by Lead UI designer Bobby Weir, the objective would be to make it a lot easier for players to seek out precisely what they’re searching for. To perform this, players are going to be able to look for certain products, even though they are able to not keep in mind the full name. Gamers also can get the least expensive ESO Gold online at IGXE with the rapid delivery and 7/24 on-line support!