The Final Fantasy XIV New Year’s Occasion Is On Now


Are you able to stroll around on Final Fantasy XIV with all the cutest Shiba Inu on your head? Because of the Heavensturn event(that is an annual occasion that began just after 2014, celebrating every incoming new year using a new adventue and a handful of goodies for players to earn Final Fantasy XIV Gil to reward them for their loyalty to the game.), you’ll be in a position to do it now.

Final Fantasy XIV: The Lodestone is celebrating the New Year with all the Heavensturn event, which has being kicked off on December 31st, at 7 AM Pacific Time, and can finish on January 15th, 2018. The Heavensturn event celebrates the new Zodiac year, that is the year from the dog, with themed items and a new story for players to explore. And it grants players using the usual “Kabuto” samurai helmets which can be provided every year.

Those are an awesome way to show just how much of a veteran you happen to be, and in case you can sport on the list of original rabbit helmets from 2011 it is possible to be as badass as me. As you might have imagined, the helmets are themed soon after the year in the Chinese calendar, and that might trigger some rather funny design “accidents” like in 2015 when men and women went about having a monkey’s bald ass on their head.

2018 will be the year of your dog, and Square Enix decided to go the super-cute way, granting players black and white versions with the “Inu Kabuto” (Inu implies “Dog” in Japanese), with some definitely adorable Shiba Inu on leading. We also get a stuffed dog with conventional Japanese shrine decorations for our houses.

Four new things are offered for players to earn during the event, which includes the Red Tori Kabuto Armor, the Black Tori Kabuto Armor, a Heavensturn Orchestrion Roll, and an adorable “Happy New Chocobo” to decorate their HQ with.

Players have till January 15th at 6:59 AM PST to complete the event’s missions, due to the fact as soon as it closes, the potential to finish them will no longer be out there.

Final Fantasy XIV is now readily available for PlayStation 4, PC, and Mac OS. You can get cheap FFXIV Gil on to play the game on the net.