This Week’s Fortnite Challenges Are Lame, Boring And Lazy


From the incredibly starting of Fortnite: Battle Royale’s Season three Battle Pass, Epic Games has done anything pretty cool.

Each week the Battle Pass gets a new set of challenges which might be a nice mix of diverse objectives. Solving these (along with random each day challenges, and so on.) earns you XP and Battle Stars. The former levels up your Battle Pass Tier, unlocking new cosmetics like skins and emotes.

In Season 5, these had been split into two categories: No cost and Battle Pass challenges, but you nonetheless got Fortnite Items a nice mix of different activities each week that kept factors fresh and interesting. A few of these challenges, like Treasure Maps and Search Between challenges, in addition to scavenger hunts for gnomes and rubber duckies, were definitely special to Fortnite.

These special challenges have normally been paired with significantly less fascinating, a lot more straightforward challenges like eliminating enemies and looting chests. Sometimes we’d get a actually exclusive challenge like timed trials or scoring ambitions on soccer pitches, but generally there was a great mix of activities that appealed to a wide array of players.

Season 6, Week 2’s challenges usually are not fascinating or special. As opposed to practically each previous batch, they do not incorporate a thing for everyone. There is no interesting scavenger hunt and nobody has to go out and determine exactly where to search among unique landmarks. Rather, almost just about every challenge this week is combat-oriented.

As with previous weeks, we have seven challenges in Week 2. Of these seven, nevertheless, three are “deal damage” challenges and two are “eliminate opponents” challenges. Only two are non-combat oriented and neither are specifically exciting or require much function. Going to corrupted locations is simple considering that they’re all hugely visible in the map. As soon as you attain any among them you’ll be able to “use a Shadow Stone” though you are going to buy Fortnite Items must do that more than the course of three matches. (Assuming these consumables are not disabled again inside the close to future.)

Given that neither of those poses any real challenge, this means that the entire week is combat focused. That is all effectively and good for players who get a lot of eliminations and do a whole lot of harm. They’ll burn via this week in no time. But what about the many players who aren’t hugely skilled killers? Yes, it will likely be far more challenging for them nevertheless it also won’t be much fun. And I’d wager that a pretty substantial portion with the player base falls into that category: Players who enjoy the game but are not terrific at it.