Tilted Towers Is not Loading In ‘Fortnite’, And I Think I Know Why



Update: Epic says that the issue has been addressed.

For those who drop into everyone’s favorite death city in buy Fortnite Items right now, you are going to notice some thing…off. You will not notice it, necessarily, when you’re just floating via the air, but as you get closer you’ll notice that none of these nice textures pop in as you get closer: everything there remains stuck in low-resolution mode, rendering the whole spot a weird sort of impressionist painting of a loot-filled Fortnite locale. It really is not just you: this is a dilemma that Epic has acknowledged and is functioning on a fix for:

I wasn’t able to reproduce the Retail bug, and that spot appears to become loading fine on my game for whatever purpose. This began taking place shortly following Thursday’s patch for a number of people but appears to be taking place additional regularly now. And leaks indicate that there’s a explanation why these two points of interest, in unique, are having concerns.

Retail Row and Tilted Towers are two with the game’s oldest points of interest at this point, but that may not last long. You’ll find nevertheless loads of question marks coming up about this spaceship/rune/volcano occasion, nevertheless it appears certain, at least that this volcano is going to erupt to and wreck many stuff within the procedure. Specifically, Tilted Towers and Retail Row are both going down, to be replaced by new points of interest in Season 9.

All the files for their destruction are currently within the game, and it really is doable that these two areas are going to become destroyed in true time, something that is in no way fairly happened in Fortnite just before. The closest we’ve gotten was with Loot Lake within the butterfly occasion, but even that occurred although we have been all stuck in an alternate cube dimension. And that would explain the technical difficulties at this time: Epic is trying something new, and with new items come new problems.