Two New Dungeons Added towards the Elder Scrolls Online: Dragon Bones’ DLC


As we know, the Elder Scrolls Online has been within the gaming market place for a handful of years now, however it did not show any indicators of declining. Obviously, the developer, Bethesda, will have to keep adding new content material to keep players interested. Not too long ago, it has released the most recent downloadable content (DLC), “Dragon Bones,” which basically consists of two brand new dungeons.

The two new dungeons would be the Scalecaller Peak plus the Dwarven ruin of Fang Lair. The former was actually exactly where the Dragon Priest, who has been featured way before, was buried. On the other hand, the latter is fundamentally packed with quite a few monsters, most notably necromancers, scattered around every single floor.

The players may also get a Dragon Priest mask automatically when they get into Scalecaller Peak for the obvious reason of it getting the burial site. Nonetheless, players also can get it after they visit the other dungeon for the very first time.

The DLC may also stick to a totally free update 17. This new update usually delivers players with much more customizable options, using a new “outfit technique.” Whilst the player’s appearance is determined by the kind of armor they are wearing, that wouldn’t matter now with this new system. They only will need to pay ESO Gold to adjust the look of their armor.

About the topic or armor, it really is pretty typical for a player to have an issue with maintaining a large quantity of them with no any sort of storage. The update also addresses the situation by adding a storage container. The only requirement is that players reach level 18. You could also get extra containers.

“Dragon Bones” DLC is often bought in three different methods. Those with ESO Plus membership will automatically get the DLC. They’re able to also get it for 1,5000 crowns. The DLC will cost $ 15 if the player is willing to pay.