Ways to Shape Your Atlas in Path of Exile


Shaping was changed a bit in 3.1. Before this league, there were distinct maps around the Atlas which you would full to acquire a “Shaper’s Orb” of a distinct tier. The tier in the orb typically corresponded to the tier of map it was discovered in. This changed in 3.1, and now there are not any distinct maps to run to get cheap poe items a Shaper’s Orb. In actual fact, Shaper’s Orbs in no way really drop in maps. (Just before you read additional, ensure you realize what the Shaper and Elder influence is, and how you can move it about. This was covered in our final article around the Atlas.)

When you have an understanding of moving the Elder, you happen to be ready to obtain your maps shaped. What you do is move the Elder onto a map of the tier which you would like to raise a map to. As an example, if you want to shape a map from tier 2 to tier 7, you will want to move the Elder onto a tier 7 map. As soon as he’s influencing that map, all you need to do is run the map and be sure you comprehensive the ‘bonus objective’ listed on the map. This sounds straightforward, and really, it really is.

Once you run the map, the boss will drop a “Memory Fragment” That is brought to Zana, who in turn gives you a Shaper’s Orb. Why the further step? Nicely, now in case you unshape a map – the unshaping recipe is 20 Regrets and 5 Chisels – you don’t have to get the Memory Fragment once again, you’ll be able to just visit Zana for the Shaper’s Orb. Similar when you full a map but don’t need to shape a map of that tier just however: Zana will hold the Shaper’s Orb for you.

Path of Exile Shaping: Drawbacks

There is a single important drawback to shaping maps, in particular early on inside a league. In the event you study via our preceding guide around the Atlas, it explains how maps are connected to each other. You’ll be able to only get a higher tier map by running a connected map that is certainly a reduced tier. That is how you progress by means of your Atlas to larger tier maps.

Shaped maps are certainly not connected to any other map. In spite of their visible connections around the Atlas, after you’ve shaped them, they may be essentially in no man’s land. No matter how a lot of occasions you run a shaped map, it is going to not give a higher tier map unless you have got poe currency currently unlocked it. For example, if you’re operating a Shaped Beach (tier 6) and you have no tier 7 maps on your Atlas, the Shaped Beach will by no means ever give a tier 7 map. This means that if you’re nevertheless wanting to progress your Atlas, shaping maps that happen to be the highest tier you may have presently unlocked is unwise. At greatest, they’ll give back a map of equal tier, but you won’t get any closer to completing your Atlas.