Why Star Wars Games Matter


There was a time when Star Wars games allowed fans to buy SWTOR credits go on their own exciting adventures across the galaxy. That time is more than.

Former staff of Lucasfilm Games (the precursor to the LucasArts improvement studio) as soon as claimed to USGamer that George Lucas began a game improvement studio so that he could prevent massive tax penalties related with all the success from the Star Wars franchise.

“He’s not a gamer,” mentioned Steve Williams, former GM of Lucasfilm Games and LucasArts. “It’s not that he didn’t care. He wanted us to be prosperous. He would say, ‘I do not know your market, you guys should really find out what you’re supposed to be carrying out.’”

Lucas might have wanted Lucasfilm Games to succeed, but he initially denied them access for the golden goose of his empire and also the right to take a look at the incredibly universe whose success prompted the formation of your development studio: Star Wars.

That could appear odd, but you must contemplate a couple of points. Very first off, Williams was pretty suitable when he stated that Lucas wasn’t a gamer. Former Lucasfilm Games designer Chip Morningstar admitted that he normally felt Lucas viewed gaming as an immature medium.

It wasn’t just video games, although. There was a time when Lucas did not even have faith within the possibility that Star Wars would come to be a franchise. He even reportedly asked author Alan Dean Foster to write the 1978 book Splinter on the Mind’s Eye around the off possibility that he might be able to work with the story because the basis for any low-budget Star Wars sequel.

Perhaps that is why he sold the rights to create Star Wars video games years prior to he ever formed a game studio. At that time, he most likely viewed video games and Star Wars as roughly the exact same factor: two irons very best struck when they have been hot. Even though Lucas had known with all certainty that Star Wars was going to become a results, there was no way that he could have SWTOR credits recognized what video games had been going to grow to be and what they would contribute to his prized house.