Wins WoW Gold for the Winter Feast with Compact Eggs & Ice Cold Milk


For the winter pageant in World of Warcraft can make good and quite easy gold – also in 2017. Through ice-cold milk, small eggs, gingerbread and mounts from wild gifts you will quickly get cheap wow gold to the precious metal!

On festive days there are temporary events in WoW. Alone, the alarm bells are already ringing at experienced WoW economists. Where there are limitations, there are things that have a higher value.

The Winter Feast of Azeroth also offers some opportunities to earn gold. The elimination of the elixir of the lightning thinker has made this more difficult, but not impossible! There are still two methods of deducting coins.

Cooking: Ice cold milk for cash gold!
In the field of cooking, there are four ways to get gold:

Ice cold milk
Holiday Spices
Small eggs

The latter are either associated with either farm work or investment, the other two rely on the laziness of the players.

The easiest way to earn Gold for the Winter Puff is to buy ice-cold milk and holiday spices from retailers. These are available for just a few pieces of copper per piece: the milk from each innkeeper, the spices from all coelwood forests.

In the auction house but you can ask for a multiple (depending on the server size). The profit is only a few pieces of copper or silver, but with the mass it becomes profitable.

Beat up dragon hawks and collect modest eggs!

The more difficult way is to farm modest eggs. These are best obtained from wild dragon-falcon boys in Eversong Woods or Big Tortoiseshell in Westfall. The eggs in the auction house go over the counter for up to a few pieces of gold per piece.

If you can cook, and it is worth it on your server, you can bake gingerbread directly from the eggs and offer them in 5-packs.

The reason for the popularity of these items is the quest “Treats for Old Father Winter”, which every year concludes the festival in Orgrimmar / Ironforge. However, since many players are not planning or lazy, and the auction house is closer than the next innkeeper, they like to leave a few coins with other players.

The Garrison: Servant of Grumpus in Savage Gifts

A more time-consuming variant of gold farming is the garrison introduced with Warlords of Draenor. Any character with a level 3 garrison can complete these daily quests, offering up to 5 “Festive Supplies” as a reward.

With these supplies you can buy decoration and other items from Izzy Feizischel in the middle of your garrison. It is more important, however, that you also receive Wilde gifts from the Goblindame.

Until recently, these were also elixirs of the lightning thinker to get wow gold, which represent the main source of income. However, after they have been removed, there is only one reward that is important to you: The Servant of Grumpus.

This epic mount is the rarest item in the gifts. If you complete all the quests every day with all available characters and pick up the presents, you may have some of these creatures in your inventory.