World of Warcraft – Island Expeditions Peek into Unseen Lore


When World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth debuted in August 2018, certainly one of its most touted characteristics was the brand new Island Expeditions technique. Though fairly popular initially, more than time expeditions became much less intriguing with egregious RNG to acquire cheap wow gold the special rewards and as a consequence of the overly repetitive nature with the gameplay.

Because of this fall off in player interest, quite a few have stopped operating expeditions altogether and, consequently, usually are not choosing up the unique quest items which can be dropped that bring about some pretty fascinating lore taking place “offscreen”. We have collected by far the most fascinating ones that offer exciting tidbits of lore that may possibly (or might not) have an impact on the WoW story at a later point.

Whether or not you happen to be operating Island Expeditions, the things under are exciting tidbits of lore from WoW. Which a single do you assume could be the most compelling?

Presently Active Storylines

Each and every on the following quest items has no less than a passing connection towards the present storyline in Battle for Azeroth with its less-than-subtle hints concerning the Old Gods, Naga and with one of the “starring roles” being occupied by Sylvanas Windrunner, current Warchief with the Horde.

Wriggling Mass

The item can be a clear reference towards the Old Gods, the parasitic horrors that ruled Azeroth previously but have considering that been defeated and/or imprisoned. Their preferred system of handle is via whispered horrors that ultimately result in madness around the part of many. This item is said to assail the owner’s thoughts “with all manner of vicious thoughts”, a single that centers on a “many-eyed goat laying inside a pool of black water”.

Murloc Eye

As described above, the Naga have had a presence in Battle for Azeroth and can have a substantially larger influence around the story when patch 8.2 arrives. The Murloc Eye quest sends players back to Legion to return it to King Mrgl-Mrgl. The owner with the Eye is reminded that Naga sorcerers have used such wow items when casting, “but seldom do they dismember their Murloc slaves for this purpose”. That they’ve carried out so this time is regarded as “unsettling, even for the Naga”.