World of Warcraft The Beauty within the Scenery & Playstyles


The world is absolutely beautiful, especially the way the characters have been developed to add to the immersion of the game. There are some breathtaking worlds that have a certain fun in just stopping to take in the view. Moreover, you have some worlds that cause you to stop and speculate on the horrors that must have happened.

There is so much to the planet that it could take you days to see everything if you want to take in fully. There are so many places that you can lose yourself in and forget the stresses of daily life. What are video games for, after all? WoW just seems to have that special something about it, and sometimes I find myself going to a favorite area just to hang out and take within the scenery and the beauty that is World of Warcraft.

There are plenty of different ways to play World of Warcraft, and each way appeals to a different type of gamer. If you are a competitive player, PvP (Player Vs. Player) is probably the route you’ll enjoy the most. If you love end-game content in games like WoW, then raids, mythics, dungeons, and heroics might be your thing. If you’re a social casual player, you might find enjoyment in roleplay or leveling and doing LFRs for fun. No matter the type of gamer you are, there is always something for you in World of Warcraft.

After reading this article, are you interested in checking out World of Warcraft? If you already play or have played inside the past, what is it you love about and how would you answer the question “Why should you play WoW?” Let us know in Discord, Facebook, or Twitter. We’d love to hear from you! Don’t forget to check out our other Warcraft content, like last week’s article on mount collecting.