WOW7.1 December 8th: Blue stickers promised PTR shadow damage total improve ability



WOW7.1 December 8th: Blue stickers promised PTR shadow damage total ability increases, with the view!
Just choose to clarify: these buff could be seen in the PTR and 9.1. The reason why we issued a document to clarify is usually to assist game player can greater locate them, mainly because they are in the corner. High play / analysis website it is possible to see and like prior to the analysis of these adjustments, we need to make sure that they could spend focus to and as usual. Spread the news. So this is not completely shady.
The patch present state is around the PTR full opening hours visible, enabling game player to attempt and take comparison and formal. But we do not desire to till the game player (or not) separate tests for each skill in every single patch, see its damage changed however. So we try and be certain you notice essential adjust, to promote everyone inside the final patch to finish the initial feedback.
Further clarification: PTR and formal service one more change to see the information, just before might not be clear, would be the bear type auto attack gives decreased anger. This really is our tank so that you can balance the specialized and intends to make modifications, we are going to continue to monitor its overall performance around the PTR.
As I talked about within the preceding, this patch is genuinely strengthen the shadow. At this point, it looks like you located (except the void arrow dot extended to three seconds) could be the void morphology damage bonus reduced 10%. and this might not be what you would like.
So, missing in this: mind blast, Mind Flay, void bolt, Shadow Word: discomfort, Vampiric Touch, Shadow Word: death, Shadow Word: virtual shadow, collision, void eruption, soul spikes, spirit burning, shadow Wraith, void harm enhanced by 25% direct flood.
The final outcome is within this patch shadow damage should be drastically enhanced, must be a lot more striking than the void morphology.
As I have described above, we program to immediately iteration these figures, but I hope that you just might be conscious on the modifications which can be not so apparent.

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