You could preview Guild Wars 2’s upcoming Halloween cosmetics


ArenaNet seems to possess placed the upcoming Guild Wars 2 Gem Store items, most likely tied to Halloween, into the game files using the most current patch. A data miner on Reddit managed to dig these files up and give absolutely everyone a preview.
Considering that these items had been data-mined, there’s no official confirmation that they are going to actually be the Halloween ones however the data miner, u/that_shaman, stated they’re anticipated to land on 16 October 2018, which will be about the time Halloween festivities will kick off.

The first cosmetic item around the list is Scaled Dragon Wings Glider, shown on the picture above but contemplating it is only offered within the preview window, you might possess a really hard time seeing the cosmetic to full extent. As a result, it might be greatest in the event you check the cheap GW2 Gold preview in-game your self, by pasting the code [&AgGXWwEAAA==] in chat and right clicking it for preview.

Same update will bring what some fans may find to be the most effective backpack or wings skin up to date. It is named Scaled Dragon Wings Backpack and is pretty much the wings of the glider above when they fold. You may verify the glimpse of it around the screenshot bellow or in-game with all the code [&AgGgWwEAAA==].

There will probably be a new chair apparently, named Night Night Watch Stool as well as Black Lion Expedition Contract. The latter might be a rather useful home instance item that will probably enable players to send out expeditions to retrieve “exotic resources” from Dry Top, Silverwastes, Bloodstone Fen, Ember Bay, Bitterfrost Frontier, Lake Doric, Draconis Mons and Siren’s Landing. You are able to preview the description in-game with [&AgGTWwEAAA==] code.

Unfortunately, there is absolutely no preview function for chairs so the Night Watch Stool can’t be previewed at the moment. Around the other hand, the data mining thread on Reddit features art previews for the stool, glider and the expedition board. There is also one interesting tonic that also can’t be previewed, but the name “Fake Joko Tonic” gives us GW2 Gold a good hint what it will turn players into.